Corona – a global focus

The corona outbreak has put the entire world at bay. People are dying by the virus and the economy has halted to an next to complete stop. Almost the entire workforce of office workers has moved their place of work to their homes, the commerce of food and commodities are no longer needed in a short time frame.

There is however one change with the coronavirus that we should not forget. For once the entire planet seems to be focused on the same problem that needs a solution.

Religions and politics have mostly been put aside to let people instead focus on the problem. It has even brought up a higher sense of well-being in that groups spawn who helps out fellow neighbours and random people. All with a single goal in mind, to get through the outbreak with as little cost as possible in human suffering.

A thought experiment I’ve had a number of times has been what severity of an event that would be needed for the world to unite. I do believe that we have found an answer to that question.

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